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Lawrence And Bontle Are To Hosts SAMA27

After hosting the SAMA25 red carpet, Bontle Modiselle Moloi returns to the SAMA27 stage as one of the hosts. She is joined by a celebrated leading man and presenter Lawrence Maleka. The two were unveiled tonight exclusively on Live Amp on SABC1.

The SAMA27 will be broadcast on SABC1 on 31 July 2021 at 8 pm. The red carpet starts at 7.30 pm on RGB.

Modiselle Moloi was born in Soweto and is one of the most prominent dancers in South Africa. In the last 15 years, she has managed to straddle the worlds of choreography, live performance, radio, TV and film. She launched her Bontle Ba Afrika production company in 2017 sourcing talent and choreography for major corporate clients. Her hosting skills have been on display in a few live events and shows on radio and TV including Showville on SABC2.

‘’I’m incredibly excited to be part of the SAMAs. It comes full circle for me because I hosted the SAMA25 red carpet, so now to be on the main stage is mind-blowing, to be trusted with this huge responsibility is humbling. Also considering the times we are in, the SAMAs are a big medium and an honorary celebration of our musicians and talents who have gotten the people through the toughest of times.

To do it next to a consummate professional, one of my favourite talents is a thrill. We meet together again and to be held, guided, supported and elevated by him is something I cherish. Let SAMA27 be beautiful and memorable, something that lightens up people’s lives in these tough times.” said Modiselle Moloi

Maleka has risen to the top of the entertainment food chain since his days as a community broadcaster in Soweto. He is now popularly recognised as the former Lotto presenter and lead actor on the soapie The River. He was also the host of Final Cut on SABC3. Incidentally, he hosted the music show Club 808 with Modiselle Moloi.

“I’m grateful for the call up to host the SAMAs. The work we do is magical, whether it’s music, television or the arts, we always hope that it resonates with complete strangers that we reach out to. I’m particularly happy to be working with Bontle. We have a big brother – little sister relationship and it has been great to rekindle it. We are bringing a show that will for two hours, help the nation forget about the climate we are in.

To bring people to a place of laughter and happiness, a glimmer of hope to rejoice in the achievements of others. We are there to enhance what the technical crew has put together and celebrated artists who have helped provide a soundtrack to the moments in our lives.”

He brings his charm and smooth demeanour to the SAMA stage while Modiselle Moloi adds a streetwise edge to the proceedings.

“We are delighted to have Lawrence and Bontle as hosts of SAMA27. We have total faith in them. They truly are the finest talent we have in South Africa right now. They bring a unique flavour and energy to the SAMA which we believe will infuse excitement in our audiences. We look forward to seeing them in action.”  said RiSA CEO Nhlanhla Sibisi

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