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ByLwazi Nongauza

Aug 5, 2022

Today Leadership 2020, Crypto University and Yellow Card held a Learn Crypto media launch for this educational experience at the AMPD Studios in Newtown.

Guests were treated to a fabulous performance by music trio Rapture 90s, Poetry from Maureen Rinzy as well as some hilarious comedy.

South African musician, author, and entrepreneur DJ Sbu and Grey Jabesi (aka Grey BTC), and CEO and founder of Crypto University hosted the edutainment event.

The two entrepreneurs have joined forces to present Crypto University South Africa, a partnership designed to share new financial knowledge with curious students in South Africa.

We have been in the education space since 2013 and our following can vouch for our intentions. This is free knowledge not financial advice. Learn Crypto will change the way we interact and think about money.

I’m excited to work with Grey Jabesi in developing lives and creating financial opportunity in the minds of Africans,” says DJ Sbu

Grey Jabesi, CEO and founder of Crypto University, adds that: “Crypto has the whole world talking, I am very active on Crypto and an advocate because of the positive impact it has made in my life.

This collaboration with DJ Sbu is for the people, we want the positive about Crypto to reach those who care and want to make financial moves in their lives.

If you’re wondering just who Yellow Card is…well it is one of the fastest rising cryptocurrency startups.

Yellow Card is striving economic empowerment through financial literacy.

Due to the lack of information on cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, Ethereum and tether, Yellow Card is eager to solve this information gap issue through online learning platforms.

Are you interested in learning about Cryptocurrency? Is the word Cryptocurrency all daunting to you?

Are you curious about the world of Cryptocurrencies and not sure where to start?

Well, look no further… Learn Crypto is a FREE educational series for the Crypto Curious. Interested students are invited to join to learn and develop their knowledge about this global financial phenomenon.

Learn Crypto, is a 12-part educational journey intended to introduce students to the world of Cryptocurrencies, so that there is an understanding of the basics to make informed decisions going forward.

On this programme students will be asked to attend webinars and events to bring them closer to their Crypto realism. In these webinars and events students will be able to network, learn, ask questions, and develop their own journey in the world of Cryptocurrency. The programme is open to you without any upfront charge and you are welcome to learn as you go online at your own pace.

The tutors on this programme who want to impart a culture of empowerment, leadership, and success in all those that attend includes DJ Sbu, Grey Jabesi and Dezray Thomas.

This FREE! educational course is open to anyone who is interested to know what crypto is all about.

If you want to be an active participant and be part of the community in the world of digital currency, then join the family and start here by enrolling at www.leadership2020.co.za.

Crypto incentives will be provided for keen and curious students who grab the course and go for it.

An overview of the programme includes:

What is Crypto? / The History of Crypto / Why Crypto? / Types of Crypto Currencies / Risks associated with Crypto / How to set up Crypto Wallets / What some of the world’s rich say about Crypto / When to stop investing in Crypto / Long-term Vs Short-Term investments / Blockchain technology / Bitcoin Mining / Crypto and regulatory affairs.

Upon completion of the 12-part Learn Crypto online programme students, will receive a virtual certificate with their name, photo, and the course educators’ signatures.

DJ Sbu


DJ Sbu’s introduction to the Cryptocurrency world started June 2021 during the Covid 19 Lockdowns. During a recording of his Hustlers Corner Podcast, he hosted Crypto Expert Grey Jabesi.

After the Hustlers Corner Podcast interview with Grey, Sbu was so impressed with Grey’s knowledge of the Crypto world that they decided to collaborate and start Crypto University South Africa.

Since June 2021, Sbu and Grey have hosted a series of Cryptocurrency events for beginners in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Sbu has since released his own set of NFTs in collaboration with well renowned international visual artist KING DEBS from Cape Town. Sbu and KING DEBS first release of their collection of 10 NFTs sold out in 3 days, and they are working on more NFT projects together.

Sbu and his partners plan to take their Cryptocurrency education to South African townships nationwide.


Grey Jabesi is an African Tech entrepreneur and investor. He is the founder of Crypto University (CU), Buy Bitcoin Malawi and Khodo App, Imojimotion, Alfajiri Ventures and United Africa Blockchain Association.

He has a technical background in 3D animation, Web development, Design and Film making. Grey Jabesi is also the top Cryptocurrency and Blockchain influencer in the African continent, and he hosts Survival Skills Podcast. Grey’s mission is to build the version of Africa he wants to see.

Grey is also passionate about women getting involved in the Cryptocurrency domain, as he believes it is time for better inclusion in the Crypto sectors and more opportunities for women to upskill in this area.


Dezray began her interest in crypto in 2011 and purchased ether and Bitcoin when most of the market was still in the dark about crypto.

She attempted to invite close friends and family into the crypto world but understandably no one was biting any call to invest in something that sounded so ‘pie in the sky’.

At end of 2014 she purchased Bitcoin at a window of R2657 and spent savings of R15000 and obtained 5,3 Bitcoins.

Empowered with the knowledge “only invest using money you can afford to lose” she left her coins intact even at times where she says she needed the cash.

In late 2017 Bitcoin hit a high of up to R228 874 and her risk taking of R15000 shot to an exponential plus R1.2million. She sold some currency to purchase property out of fear it would not get better than that.

Bitcoin fell drastically after the 2017 high, and this gave would be traders another opportunity to invest although by this time it was in a much high region.

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