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Lerato Kganyago Opens Up About Sanitary Pads Initiative

Radio host and DJ Lerato Kganyago have been making waves in her effort to help female pupils across SA have access to sanitary pads.

The Metro FM host has kicked off her 2021 with a beacon of hope with her beauty label Flutterby LKG. The company aims to empower women across SA and eradicate “Period poverty”.

“Millions can’t afford to maintain menstrual health. We’re fortunate to be able to play a role in the eradication of period poverty in SA, one home at a time,” tweeted Lerato.

Last year, Lerato called out people who have the platforms to speak out against the injustice of period poverty but don’t do it since it doesn’t fit their “Aesthetics”.

“Sanitary pads don’t get you drunk or high, aren’t glamorous or fit into the aesthetics on your page, that’s why some of you think what we do is a joke.

But, for millions of South Africans, it’s not – period poverty is something which many struggles with as part of their lives!” And yet is it something so easy to fix,” wrote Lerato.

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