Let Fun Be Gin With The Nyembezi Gins

Luyanda Nyembezi founder and owner of Nyembezi Wines now introduces his new project Nyembezi Gins.

After his wines sold like hotcakes, he decided to venture into developing the Nyembezi Gin and expanding his business as a young businessman.

“The Nyembezi Gins culminates from the spirit of entrepreneurship and love of gins. The gins collections mirror the true beauty and charm of South African gins”, stated Luyanda.

Nyembezi Gins supplies gins ranging from Original Dry gin and Pink gin, a premium gin tripled distilled and made in a traditional manner.

They supply superior quality gins with great botanicals, juniper, coriander seeds, lemongrass and angelica with an alcohol percentage of 43%. The Gins are priced at R250 each.

Nyembezi Gin started supplying Dry gin in November 2021 and behind the scenes, they are still working on the pink gin.

The inspiration behind creating wines and gins for Luyanda started with the love he has for chemical experiments.

“I come from a chemical background in which he did a course with Johannesburg Business School and Chemin (CHIETA), but I was mainly focusing on detergents and cosmetics.

I have been a lover of gins and managed to get crafters in Cape Town Stellenbosch and that is where our finest Gins are being produced”, expressed Nyembezi.

To make an order WhatsApp 0789836258 on Nyembezi Gins business WhatsApp. They are also open to independent distributors who can distribute their gin.

“Let Fun be Gin with Our Finest Gins Collection”

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