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Lizwe The Queen Of AfroHouse

ByStaff Reporter

Feb 1, 2022
Lizwi- the voice, vessel of faith, soul healer and spiritual chanter.
Welcome – my aim is to take you on an enlightening journey through my zulu ancestral background , infused dance music and our African acoustics.
Music is part of my make up and it is translated in my performance as an African Vocalist and International artist. As a self-taught guitarist, my influence and passion for music comes from the likes of the great Busi Mhlongo and with my ancestors behind me, I echo the greatness of our diverse and unique Continent.
Explore, express and evolve with me through my musical experience because in the words of one of the greatest Africans,
“The curious beauty of African music is that it uplifts even as it tells a sad tale.”
The Music
It’s the music, ultimately, how lovers and listeners of it, react and respond – storytelling in motion.
Collaboration with likeminded musicians, artists, allows for a fusion of creativity that brings out the emotions in the audience. We create soundtracks to everyday life and its highs and lows.
Mankind originated from Africa – it is only befitting that its music evokes the magnificence and magnitude of our continent.
And this is how I craft my music to mirror my heritage as an African artist.
We are all African, ultimately. And the music, the music, is our mantra:
Dj Qness
African Roots
Dj Sbu ( South Africa)
Malumzondecks ( South Africa)
Ladysmith BlackMambazo ( South Africa)
Eltonnick ( South Africa)
Kasango ( South Africa)
AJ ( South Africa)
Vanco ( South Africa)
Themba ( South Africa)
International Collaborations
Saint Evo(Kenya)
Dough Gomez(USA)
Levy (Netherlands)
Jalal Ramdani x Mr Silk (UK)
Kosh (Greece)
Dino x Terry (USA)
Dj Vivona (Italy)
Elassaad (Morocco)
Kintar (Spain)
Joezi ( France)
Mixes that feature Lizwi :
Sam Devine’s VA -Defected Records: deafeated.Ink.to/Ibiza2018
Black Coffee Mix @ Salle Wagram for Cercle: www.youtube.com
Black Coffee at Cafe Mambo for Radio 1 in Ibiza 2017: www.youtube.com
Music Downloads:
Stream & download “Ndiyoyika” – fanlink.to/ndiyoyika
Traxsource profile: www.traxsource.com
DeMajor, Lizwi, Kususa, QueTornik – Traveller( Kususa& QuTornik Official Remix): www.youtube.com
Morden Tribal Live Perfomance
The Moments
It’s the moments that make the memories. And we’ve had some good one’s pre-pandemic. But in keeping with staying home, enjoy some of these moments, safely, online. Keep watching this space for upcoming events and future fun.
Articles & Online features:
The Queen of African Chants- The Queen of African Chants
Drums Radio 1 www.youtube.com
Drums Radio 2 www.youtube.com
Last year on Traxsource  Lizwi was number 20 of top100
: Instagram – lizwimsa
  Twitter  – salizwi
  Facebook – lizwimsa
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