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Love Wins For Letoya Mekhene and Lebohang Keswa

For generations, the legacy actress Letoya Makhene and her bae Lebohang Keswa are in the line of congratulations, who will soon be walking down the aisle after declaring their commitment.

After a romantic hot air balloon ride, the lovebirds got engaged this past weekend. As soon as they landed, there was a “Will you marry me” banner written on the ground.

She is seen popping the question to Letoya in a video posted on social media by Lebohang, who seems excited and approves the proposal. On cloud nine, the emotional TV star shared how she loved her.

Later on, the couple hosted an engagement party attended by close friends and relatives. For 8 months now, Letoya and Lebohang have been together and after they announced their relationship, homophobic social media users dragged them, particularly Letoya, who was once romantically associated with men.

“We won’t say we don’t have our ups and downs because that’s what every relationship has, in a live video documented by Daily Sun Letoya, but what I like is that our love conquers everything.”

Letoya recently wanted to set the record straight on why she chose over the men asking her out in the DM’s to fall in love with Lebo. She wrote in a tweet, “Let’s just please get this out of the way once and for all, and hopefully this question will not be raised again. To all the men who keep asking me why her? What do I see in her? Nywe nywe nywe … here’s my response … she’s amazing in bed,” talk about defending your bae right?

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