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Lucky Number 8: Galxboy Launches it’s First JHB Store At Mall Of Africa

The energy was electric at Mall of Africa on the 15th of February as Galxboy, the South African streetwear brand known for its fusion of luxury and affordability, celebrated its grand opening at Mall of Africa. Founder and creative director, Thatiso Dube, beamed with pride, reflecting on the journey from his humble beginnings in 2008 to this momentous occasion.


Dube saw a gap in the market for high-quality streetwear accessible to the youth. “We listen to them,” he declared, “They tell us what they want, and we deliver.” This unwavering focus on youth culture has been the cornerstone of Galxboy’s success, bridging the gap between expensive luxury and budget-friendly options.

Image by: Mfezeko Kala

Galxboy proves that cutting-edge streetwear can be both affordable and high-quality. “We’re not a greedy brand,” Dube shared. “We source the best materials and offer them at accessible prices because we understand the desire for nice things.” It’s a personal mission for Dube, driven by his own experience as a young black entrepreneur facing challenges in the fashion industry. “Funding and finding quality manufacturers were some of our main challenges” he acknowledges, “but step-by-step is the key. Start small, learn, grow, and the sky’s the limit.” He also gave advise to fellow entrepreneurs starting out in business and highlighted the importance of getting started where you are with whatever budget you have.


This philosophy of resilience and dedication has propelled Galxboy’s expansion across South Africa. Dube emphasizes the importance of his team, “It’s not just me. We have a great team that makes opening stores easier when we’re making the right products for our clients.” One of the store staff shared her experience of being an employee of the brand and highlighted that is a healthy, caring and extremely supportive working environment.

Image by: Mfezeko Kala

2024 promises exciting new products, even better quality, and a global expansion reaching fans in the UK, US, Dubai, and beyond. “We’re also getting into events,” Dube reveals, “so our customers can experience the clothes, the energy, and just have fun.” The Galxboy story is one of passion, ambition, and a deep connection to its community. With its arrival at Mall of Africa, the brand is poised to take off, offering luxury streetwear that’s accessible, stylish, and deeply rooted in the pulse of youth culture.

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