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Lvovo Shares A Powerful Advice About Social Media Driven Life

Last week, Lvovo stirred things a little when he stated “Black people are damaged mentally and there was nothing they love more then the people that hate them”.

The kwaito musician shared his views after a tweep expressed her disappointment in some black people’s mindset regarding other black people who call out racism.

He revealed that love for white people may be blinding his people from radically equalizing the field as far as the economy is concerned.

Lvovo explained in one of his Twitter threads that he had a “Big issue” with inequality, and that he recently noted that the root of racism and ill-treatment was money, which black people don’t have.

“Racism stems from money. If you are poor you will always be subjected to ill-treatment. If you win the economic war you have won the race war! Our people should leave everything else and fight for economic freedom – that’s where true liberation resides,” said Lvovo.

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