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Masasa Mbangeni Opens Up About How Things Can Get Uncomfortable

Masasa Mbangeni has opened up about how uncomfortable certain questions asked by curious fans leave her and has urged these women to stop posing such questions.

The former Scandal! the actress posted a picture of her and fellow co-star Siyabonga Twala during a theatre show, which then sparked a series of invasive questions from her female followers, who wanted to know if the actor is a good kisser.

Seeing nothing wrong with her question, the follower continued by saying his age group is her type.

Masasa was not condemning her predatory question and told her that women cannot expect to have separate rules from men.

Masasa was not about to do the same to a male actor and said she cannot make him feel violated.

Masasa answered a burning question from one of her inquisitive followers who asked if actors get aroused by intimate scenes on-set or not.

As a person who has experienced such, Masasa said it would be violating a person if that were to happen.

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