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Mduduzi Mabaso Stares Fear in the Face

Spiders and snakes are the top two fears in the natural world around the globe and sometimes for good reason – there is always the threat they can be dangerous, and they are, too creepy for most people to handle. Mduduzi Mabaso had to face his fears and encounter spiders and snakes in this week’s Let Go, Let’s Go episode.

The fear of danger like this is uncontrollable, unexplainable, and tends to prevent us from reaching our goals and achievements in life. However, the simple step of starting to conquer your fears can unlock a whole new world to achieve whatever you set your mind to.

Throughout his experience on Momentum Insure’s Let’s Go, Let’s Go web series, you can watch Mduduzi conquer fear with Momentum Insure’s products by his side to help him feel safe and confident.

Through knowing that he had Momentum Assist and Safety Alert just a phone call away, Mduduzi was able to reach emergency services easily in case things got hairy, given the danger that creepy crawlies can pose should we not know which ones pose a threat or not.

The series, though Mduduzi and others’ experiences, demonstrates how we use the science of safety to provide a feeling of safety and security. Prior to engaging with the reptiles and arachnids, Mduduzi spent time with clinical psychologist Bradley R. Daniels who guided him through his fear into feeling more confident and safer.

The web series is part of the current Science of Safety campaign that seeks to make clients feel safe and confident on their journey to success.

“With Momentum Insure by your side, you have the knowledge that you have us to support you and feel safe when your privacy is invaded,” says Dipesh Radia, Chief Commercial Officer at Momentum Insure.

Watch the full episode on the Momentum YouTube channel.

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