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Meet Mzanzi’S Rising Star – Blazekay

With 10 songs under his name (including collaborations), performed his song “Be Like This” with J’Somethin and all his songs playing on the number one South African watched series – GOMORA, it was fitting to sit down and chat with one of Mzansi’s emerging songwriter and Hip Hop artist BLAZEKAY.

Born in Krugersdorp, he moved to Mafikeng to live with his grandmother, only visiting his place of birth a handful of times. Growing up music was a big part of his life; he was a lead singer at church and later became a Dj, playing at different spots around Jo’burg. The feelings and connection evoked in him by his childhood surroundings shaped his musical journey. He is currently residing in Johannesburg, he is grateful to his late grandmother, whom he describes as his biggest motivator and Guardian Angel.


  1. Besides music, what are your other career aspiration?

BLAZEKAY: It has always been music, maybe because it was prevalent in my household. I struggle to imagine myself doing anything else. However, I am also a great salesperson, might have built a good career incorporate.

  1. Which song do you feel is the best you have ever released and why?

BLAZEKAY: BE LIKE THIS – It is my debut single and every time I perform this song, fans go crazy singing word for word like they’ve heard it before. The message is also very relatable.

  1. Talking about fans, if there is one thing you want them to remember you with, what would it be?

BLAZEKAY: Just being me, being true to my craft and never trying to convince people that I am good. I host “BLAZEKAY INVASION EXPERIENCE” and the line-up consist of emerging artists. Getting into the industry without clout is hard, and I want to be remembered for giving someone else an opportunity – paying it forward.

  1. Why did you choose Hip Hop music?

BLAZEKAY: It is the culture, the freedom of storytelling and the ability to live my truth. Many people marry Hip Hop with violence and being a rebel. However, that is not the case at all. I keep to myself a lot, and the music allows me to self-express.

  1. Hip Hop artists are known for most social media kinds of beef and releasing diss tracks. What is your take on that?

BLAZEKAY: I stay in my lane, and mind my business. I do not need kinds of beef or diss tracks to boost my career. GOD, my talent and time will work in my favour.

  1. Who would you really like to collaborate with?

BLAZEKAY: Una Rams and Kabomo.

  1. People, who want to know more about you and your music, where can they find you?

BLAZEKAY: Social media is the best place – Facebook is BLAZEKAY, Instagram @blazekayofficial_, YouTube BlazeKay Music and my songs are available on all digital platforms. Just released my latest single Nostalgic, please run those streams.



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