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Meet New Queen Of Amapiano Gogo Olpha Selepe

q has released her single, Obani Lababantu, to inspire gogos and madalas, as well as the rest of Mzansi.

Gogo Olpha Selepe from Newcastle in KZN is known as Gee Six Five and wants to show everyone age is just a number.

The clip went viral and many couldn’t believe a gogo released the music. Gogo Olpha’s always loved music and was gifted with a beautiful voice, conducting choral music for 28 years.

She told SunBuzz she composed Obani Lababantu to show other gogos their lives still had value and they could do anything they want.

Gogo wanted to tell the youth that even if they decided to follow a career in music, education is most important.

“We can do everything we want in life, but education is indeed the key to success,” said Gogo Olpha, who’s studying towards a PhD at UKZN. “I have education and human resources management diplomas, an advanced diploma and a master’s in education.”



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