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Meet The World Leading Organic Coffee Industry Inventor Chantelle de Bruyn

ByLwazi Nongauza

Feb 4, 2022

A proud mother, revered health fanatic, thriving small scale farmer and compassionate philanthropist.

Action Coach SA Award winner and astute serial entrepreneur and astute serial entrepreneur.

These and many other phrases are often used to describe Chantelle de Bruyn also known as Leone. The Bloemfontein based is among many things a founder of the agro-processing ground organic vegetable coffee brand, Buttercup Farmhouse https://buttercupfarmhouse.co.za/

The world first and only 100% vegetable coffee brings the same thirsty coffee satisfaction effect just in a healthier cup.

In an exclusive interview with Showbiz Scope Leone revealed what prompted her to start Buttercup Farmhouse, what makes her business, service or product special and how US Embassy Academy for Women Entrepreneurs / US African Development Foundation Competition help you as an entrepreneur.

What inspired you to start your Buttercup Farmhouse?

I am US Embassy Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) graduate. Going into the coffee industry was never my original plan. Seven months into AWE training, I realized how big my family has always been big coffee consumers.

That realization opened my mind to the fact there are millions of other people who probably love coffee as we do.

I realized that there big untapped coffee market that I can venture into. It dawned on me that my AWE acquired business skills and love for coffee could actually easily be turned into a lucrative business. That is what informed my decision to start Buttercup Farmhouse.

Share a little about your entrepreneurial journey. And, do you come from an entrepreneurial background?

My decade long entrepreneurial journey has been around Free State Propose. Over the past ten years, I have found myself constantly attracted to community development projects like the non-profit organization, Ananela Projects.

My typical cooperate entrepreneurship-related previous include serving in the leadership of organizations like the Free State Youth Chamber of Commerce.

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I am a business management graduate and US Academy for Women Entrepreneurs alumni. I guess those are my business conventional credentials but my entrepreneurship journey is far richer and complex than that.

How has your participation in AWE helped you as an entrepreneur?

The US Embassy has opened doors for me, my business, the people I work with and dozens of people of Buttercup Farmhouse beneficiaries. My participation in Academy for Women Entrepreneurs gave me life-changing entrepreneurship training, business funding, extreme helpful networks and put me in a position to help others to earn a living.

I will forever be grateful to AWE because their programs gave me an opportunity to realize countless dreams I never thought were possible.

Find out more about Buttercup Farmhouse https://buttercupfarmhouse.co.za/| info@buttercupfarmhouse.co.za


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