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Mihlali Ndamase Reveal Yet Another KFC Dream

In 2019, Mihlali Ndamase left tweeps talking after she got a gift voucher from a local fast-food franchise. After the social media influencer and socialite tweeted that she is craving KFC, her needs were immediately met with a salivating offer.

KFC took it upon themselves to send Mihlali a treat. Mihlali has once again opened up about her love for KFC. She recently took to Twitter to declare she loves KFC with all her heart.

The love is so deep that Mihlali is even looking into having shares on the franchise. She made an affirmation that she will own her KFC franchise one day.

“I love KFC with all my heart. Ngaske ndibene shares or kanye buy my own franchise one day,” Mihlai said.

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