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Momentum Announced Science Of Success ‘Think Sharp’ Campaign

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Nov 19, 2021

As part of its ongoing commitment to empowering South Africans with the tools and knowledge to improve their financial wellbeing, Momentum has announced the Science of Success campaign for 2021 under the theme ‘Think Sharp’.

“The pandemic has pushed people into a state of mental bandwidth depletion,” 

“In a nutshell, this is a state where you are faced with numerous external challenges and choices.

You then become overwhelmed, reactive and do not have the mental capacity to discern between seemingly right choices that may have a long-term impact on your financial success.”

This year, Momentum aims to provide South Africans with the ‘discernment advantage’ – the clarity that gives them the freedom to make the right financial choices and enhance their financial brainpower with the Science of Success 2021.

The prevailing global challenge of information overload is that people risk not knowing what is right and what is almost right for their financial success.

As such, people need credible and insightful information packaged in a snackable and straightforward way, from a knowledgeable, trusted adviser, coach or mentor as well as tools and bespoke financial solutions to make sound financial decisions and to think better about finances. A factor that will be covered during the campaign.

The Science of Success campaign seeks to enable the financial success of South Africans by simplifying data and research insights in an accessible and engaging way.

These insights will be drawn from the latest Momentum UNISA Household Financial Wellness Index, which has evolved to become one of the most comprehensive and credible bodies of research on the financial behaviours of South Africans.

Momentum is celebrating a decade of purposeful partnership with UNISA. Over the years, the research findings have helped South Africans understand the behavioural habits and formula to financial success in personal, family and business spheres.

The findings from the latest Momentum UNISA index, which will be released on November 23, show that mental breakdowns were significantly challenged in 2020. This explains why many households struggle to follow the advice they know they need to follow.

When confronted with a problem, they “tunnel” so much on solving it that it causes them to neglect or disregard the financial advice and activities such as budgeting, financial planning, saving as well as the long-term implications of the “short-term solution”.

Fortunately, it is possible to build mental bandwidth, stay sharp when it comes to your finances and redirect your focus towards your financial breakthroughs.

This is what Momentum aims to help South Africans achieve through the 2021 Science of Success campaign.

“Momentum will transform the research into engaging stories and experiences that bring the data to life in a meaningful way supported with the power of advice.

Advice is a critical building block to tap into as you navigate your journey to success,” says Nsubuga-Mukasa.

The Science of Success festival will take place on November 24 and those who wish to join can register to attend the sensory event virtually at www.mometum.co.za.

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