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Moshe Ndiki Gives Jub Jub A Run For His Money As ‘YPTMM’ Host

Both ‘Uyajola 99’ and ‘You Promised To Marry Me’ fans usually feel some type of way when anyone instead of Jub Jub presents the shows, but this past Sunday fans of the controversial reality shows welcomed Moshe Ndiki’s presenting, so much so that they wished Jub Jub could take an extended break.

While fans love Jub Jub for his “Pour fuel on the fire” style of presenting, they found that they actually appreciated Moshe’s patient and mature approach to dealing with the drama and dramatic people the show introduces them to.

Instead of going for maximum confrontation from the show’s participants for viewers’ entertainment, Moshe used his sense of humour and his empathy to keep viewers glued to the show. Especially because the part he presented featured a couple who found each other after they lost their significant others, only for the mother-in-law to put a halt to everything.

Fans had nothing but praise for how he handled the situation and the heated emotions of the show. “I’m so glad Jub Jub didn’t handle the 2nd episode because he would’ve made matters worse by adding unnecessary petrol/paraffin. Jub Jub can be extra sometimes, Moshe. did extremely well,” one tweep said.

“If you want drama then Jub Jub is the man for the job but if you want issues to be resolved then Moshe is your man!,” added another.

By Nqobile Magubane

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