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Musa Mseleku’s Name Used In Alleged Criminality

ByNobomi Ndevu

Nov 2, 2020

The ‘fake’ Musa Mseleku has allegedly scammed a handful of people from different parts of South Africa.

According to Daily Sun, there is a scammer who created multiple Facebook accounts.

“From what I gathered, this fraudster pretends to be selling cars on my name. He’d post a number of cars on sale and leave his cellphone number on Facebook. When people call he’d pretend to me but busy in a meeting. His accomplice would then pretend to be my wife, Mangwabe and this lady would give a false verification and say I am selling the cars,” said Musa.

“This fraudster would then request the buyer to deposit the money into his bank account. Once the buyer deposits the money the scammer disappears. But what confuses me most is that, once the money transaction is finalized, the victims are able to locate me demanding their ‘cars’. As it is I have had a number of people calling me to demand their cars. Some even travel from different locations to pick up their cars,” explained Musa.

He said this scam has been going since the start of Uthando Nesthembu. “I strongly feel that banks are to blame because they have all the controls to verify clients. But in this case someone is using my identity to fraud people. I am asking myself why are they not closing these fake bank accounts or at least verify them,” said Musa.

“The least I can do now is to warn people about these scammers. First and for most I am not a car dealer, I don’t sell cars,” he emphasized.

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