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“Music Choose Me and I Responded” – Modilia

Modilia Samantha Mapfumo a female rapper, singer and songwriter. She’s one of the few females in the entertainment industry that are pushing their way to the top. She is the first female rapper from a small town in Free State called Harrismith.

Music is not for everyone but for this lady music is her destiny. She was created for it. Music was not part of her life plans, but fate played its role. Samantha is now running like a cheetah. Considering how she started her music career she is doing well for herself.

“I actually never thought that I was going to be a rapper. My cousin brother was actually the one who introduced me to rap. He came to get me home, he was like, look you have such a beautiful voice let’s go to the studio, there’s a song that he wrote but felt it needed vocals on it so he just called me to the studio and I wasn’t even going to sing because I was scared. I told him I can write, and he can give the song to another girl. I wrote a line and he asked for the flaw, so I rapped, and everyone was impressed and that’s how my journey started,” she stated.

She was able to be a gate opener for the young ladies that want to follow her footsteps or that think that dreams do not come true. The advice that Modilia wants to give to young girls is, to know who they are, know what they want and know what they stand for because it is very tough for women in the world.

In music, you can watch out for her EP that she will be releasing hopefully at the end of December. The EP is called King Is Female and it is about persevering in the industry as a female artist. This comes with the bad experiences that she had herself in the industry.

“The message that I want people to take away from the EP is the fact the women are literally equally just as powerful and can be lighthouses as men are. The whole thing of this is a male-dominated industry and you need to prove yourself as a female artist first, whereas if another guy just shows up and is a rapper gets taken seriously. While a woman needs to prove themselves more than a guy. Women can be feminine and be just as equal if not more then guys. Women are just as hard-working,” she concluded.

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