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Mutual Friends – Best line up, Lit crowd, Fire Event

The Mutual Friends event that took place on Saturday on the 28th of November at Recharge Braai Lounge in Midrand, did not disappoint the fans at all and the DJ’s and performers were not disappointed by the crowd as well.

With the line up of Malinga as the main guest of the show. Great music mix by DJ Sliqe as well as DJ Zand, Dj Soweto, Dj Rezler, Dj Sandile, Kayladeep and lastly Profound. Amazing performance of TLT amazing and more.

The performers could not have been happier to have such a responsive crowd. They enjoyed every single moment of the show, some even though they did not know what to expect from the people as it was their first time performing in Midrand.

“The people came out and showed love. The crowd was very responsive. Every crowd is different, and you never know what to really expect but this crowd was great because even when I cut the music, they kept singing and that was just amazing”, said Profound.

The crowd was very receptive, we are playing for people who are happy. Music is fun and people are fun so for me to be a DJ is a fun experience”, commented DJ Sliqe.

Seeing as most of these performers and DJs had gigs after gigs and having to impress every crowd that they perform for is hard work and not enough credit is given to them.

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