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Natasha Thahane Set The Record Straight

Natasha Thahane has decided to take part in the twitter trend where people talk about their achievements or progress on certain aspects of their lives in the ‘how it started’ how it’s going’ trend.

She revealed her relationship status saying she has been single for a little over three years.

Natasha’s last bae was an American and she talked about how she regrets revealing that part of her life to people when the relationship was still too early.

Natasha Thahane and Anga Makubalo took one innocent picture together, but fans were already branding them SA’s hottest couple.

The actors hung out together and posted pics and clips of their time together on their Instagram Stories.

After Natasha Tweeted, “Choose the father of your kids wisely,” Donald tweeted “I can’t wait to be someone’s daddy” in a separate tweet, social media users thought there could be a link to the two.

“We just work well together, and she’s very beautiful, no lie. Yeah, she has very soft lips, and she has this nice dimple when she smiles I admire her eyes. But anyway, we work well together when we’re acting, when we’re being professional,” he said, before pointing out that he is not in any relationship at the moment.

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