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New kid on the block with new song “Corona Virus”

You might have heard of the song “Corona Virus” doing its rounds and wondered who the creative genius behind the song is.

Singer, Songwriter & producer Pakiso Tlhogane, who is better known by his stage name Paks Mocheso is someone who lives up to his name of “bringing on the heat” which is a direct translation of the artists name, with his latest single “Corona Virus” gaining fast momentum,Paks Mocheso has no plans on slowing down.

With musical influences such as the late Mandoza, Mzambiya, Mshoza, Kabelo Mabalane and even Tuks to name a few, Paks Mocheso says that he wouldn’t want to be thought of merely as a singer but an all-round artist whose sound isn’t limited to what we hear. This is synonymous with his entire brand and the type of music he produces. The artist from Garankuwa is nothing short of dedication and sheer talent when it comes to his craft, with equal dedication to his music he is also a PR Management graduate which he uses as an additional tool to identify opportunities to help grow his brand and expand his music not only to suit local markets but international markets too.

Paks Mocheso believes that he is an artist that was not made to just fit in, but to stand out in creating new sounds, inspire diversity and transcend not only the kwaito and Amapiano industry but the music industry as a whole.

The artist who also owns a production company called Mocheso Productions under which he has released songs such as Gumbaya, Mashoniza and more recently Corona Virus effortlessly blends old-school musical samples and techniques with a Kwaito influence as well as Amapiano elements and/or urban beats to create his distinct sound and this is how he sets apart his brand.

His passion for artistic creativity and his exceptional respect for the music industry are what will make him an artist that will pleasantly surprise the music industry and be an inestimable artist to the music industry globally.

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