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Comedian Tyson Ngubeni became the internet’s favourite comedian during lockdown where his nostalgic take on the Chicken Licken advert and alter ego reporter Bob O’Connor served fun and laughs in the long dark months. Now Ngubeni will make his TV debut as host of the country’s first ever financial education game show, the Sanlam Moola-Money Family Game Show.

Ngubeni says, “It’s been a whirlwind year and a beautiful journey! I’m enjoying and soaking up every step of it and am super stoked for the magic we’ll create on the Sanlam Moola-Money Family Game Show.”

Co-hosting the show is author, TV host and social media success story, Nicolette Mashile. Mashile is passionate about helping as many South Africans as possible be savvy with their money. “South Africans do not score well on the financial literacy barometer. In all honesty, this is not entirely our fault, however, just as the saying goes ‘you can be born poor, but you don’t have to die poor’, it’s important for South Africans to realise that the onus is on self to improve one’s financial confidence.  The approach needs to be multifaceted. But it starts with a willingness to improve, an attitude of change and an inquisitive mind.”

Through the show – which launches on eTV on 3 April at 18:00 – sponsor Sanlam and the hosts are hoping to make a big impact in the lives of many. Says Sydney Mbhele, chief executive: brand at Sanlam Group, “Empowering South Africans with the skills to not only manage their money, but also the ability to build wealth and prosperity is what we are all about as a business. We’ve always strived to make financial education as engaging and compelling as possible – and this show is our boldest move yet! We know these amazing hosts will deliver these powerful learnings in a fun way, allowing audiences and contestants to build confidence and financial resilience.”

The 13 episode show will see South African families among the many contestants testing their skills for an ultimate prize of R500 000.

Here Ngubeni and Mashile talk money, financial mentors and their new TV gig.


What is your money personality: Sale Catcher, Budget Queen or Spender?

I looove a good deal, so definitely a Sale Catcher! I have an overactive imagination and I picture the craziest consequences at the mere thought of over-spending.

Do you have a money philosophy?

I’ve never really thought of it as a philosophy, but I’m quite big on thinking long term. I’ve had to learn to be patient through my line of work and the journey it’s taken me on, so I’m definitely willing to wait for rewards based on decisions made today.

How important was your family in shaping your own financial confidence?

We lived within our means, so there was definitely a sense of responsibility when it comes to money. I just love learning and soaking up information, so I’ve accumulated perspective and built confidence from a range of other sources throughout this adulting experience. I try to draw from as wide a range of inspiration as possible.

If there was one money lesson you would share with the younger generation, what would it be?

It would probably be similar to the chats I have about my line of work: whatever your goals may be and however small a step it may seem, start now! Every little step you take means something in the grand scheme of things, if you stay consistent and committed.


Did you have a particular financial role model in your life?

Hmmm… When I think about my line of work and affinity to live performance, Tim Rice has combined his artistic talents with a financial savvy that has allowed for producing resonant work on really large scales. Over the years, he and his collaborators have amassed an engaging and influential body of work on stage and screen, so he’s an interesting example.

Is this your first broadcast TV show host role? Where to from here? Do you expect to learn a lot through osmosis as host of this show?

Yes, it’s my first role as a TV show host, though coming from a decade worth of theatre shows and corporates. From here on out, it’s about growing from strength to strength and showing the many strings to my bow as a performer and creative.


What is your money personality: Sale Catcher, Budget Queen or Spender?

Budget Queen.

Do you have a money philosophy?

Money doesn’t discriminate; if you follow the rules of the game you will win.


How important was your family in shaping your own financial confidence?

My parents are just the best. They shaped my life, and those life lessons are what I apply to my money. My mother’s personality is what allows me to make money today. The understanding that if you go one more time you might strike gold, so don’t give up.

If there was one money lesson you would share with the younger generation, what would it be?

Learn how to make money. Do not rely on the linear school system that teaches you to rely on a job. Create value creation opportunities; they will be rewarded with money.

Why did you decide to host the Sanlam Moola-Money Family Game Show?

It found me. Like all great things I have done with Sanlam, when the opportunity arose, I couldn’t not take it. Funny story – I was initially not supposed to be on camera. But some things work for the best.

How big of an impact do you believe a show like Sanlam Moola-Money can have on financial literacy levels and confidence?

Huge. I think for starters, awareness. Talkability and making money a comfortable conversation to have.


Was broadcast TV always a part of your bigger career plan?

Not really; radio yes. I would love one day to host a lifestyle show about money. As a communications graduate, I know the influence and impact of mass media channels like television. We are in for a thriller of financial education.

For more information on the show, visit The first episode airs on 3 April at 18h00 on eTV.

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