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Nomzamo Mbatha Opens Up About Her Fame Challenges

A lot of the time our favorite celebrities are working hard behind the scenes to secure the bag, and their fans don’t really get to see it. We only know what we are fed on social media, but recently actress, Nomzamo Mbatha and a few others broke down on social media. In a post Nomzamo shared just how hard some days of being a celebrity is.

On Instagram she wrote: “Yesterday was a really hard day. I cried when the clock struck half-midnight when I closed my laptop and could finally call it a day.”

She continued to say that the life we see on social media is only the fruit of their labour.
“The life you see on social media is only the fruit of the labour, sometimes being in the field and ploughing it is not fun or easy.”

The controversial entertainer posted on Instagram that she is sad and had been crying all day.
Why I share it here? In real life we don’t have real people to ask us, Are you okay, did you eat, what can I do for you,Do you need me? What can I do we have given so much of ourselves that you don’t even see that, I’m not okay. You only take from us. We give give & end up tired who is there for me even by the simplest Form, no one guess what we are all busy with our lives.

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