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Nomzamo Pometun Opens Up Securing Semi Finalist Spot In Mrs South Africa

Nomzamo Pometun, a first-time modelling contestant residing in Johannesburg makes it as a semi-finalist in Mrs South Africa Pageants. She is a wife, a mother, a catering business owner and a writer; she’s evidence that one can do it all.

Being in the semi-finals for Nomzamo as a first-time model has been challenging but also brought out emotions of joy. It has exposed her to greater opportunities,

“There are workshops we attend frequently, and we get empowered all the time. We happen to know how to go about when we want to do certain things in the business world. I now know how to approach companies for sponsors when I do poetry events. And get to mingle with like-minded people and share ideas”.

Being in the pandemic times that we live in means that most things did come with challenges. Mrs Pometun’s experience in the pageant has been affected by these times.

“Being that we do this during a pandemic time, it tends to be difficult to do certain things. Things like getting sponsors are difficult considering the fact that businesses are facing a lot of challenges at the moment. Also, it is hard to juggle everything, being a mom, a wife, and a business owner. I have to wear all the hats and see to it that all is done,” commented Nomzamo.

Another challenge that she faced, that most mothers go through is body changes due to pregnancy. Only a few women are unable to get back to their usual bodies. Some struggle to embrace their new body changes.

“I can say I am still trying to keep in shape. I gained a whole 20kg when I got pregnant. Not only do we as women change physically during pregnancy but there are some mental changes as well. I went from a totally flat tummy to looking somewhat bloated. I’ve learned to love and embrace all the physical changes, to bear the scars and all. Thanks to the Mrs SA brand, even though we may be encouraged to have what you call a ‘good body’ the contest embraces every body type. I can add that I do yoga to keep in shape. Struggling with consistency because consistency is key,” shared the Semi-Finalist.

Winning Mrs South Africa for Nomzamo wants to change South Africa into a safe place, where no type of abuse can just rule. A peaceful and equal life for the people. To Vote: SMS Nomzamo Moyo-Pometun to 35959. (R3.00 per SMS. Free SMS do not apply) You can vote as many times as you want

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