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Prince Kaybee Advises Artist Managers

Mzansi DJ and producer Prince Kaybee has got a word of advice for music managers, and from the sound of it, it doesn’t seem like it’s something that will go do well with some of them.

In a recent thread on Twitter, Prince Kaybee, who calls the shots at Low Key Records, stated that managers need to step back a bit to allow artistes interact with other creatives.

According to him, managers sometimes stand in the way of the creative process, suffocating creativity. The manager intrudes, stating that everything goes through them.

He thinks that if things had gone the manager’s way, by the time he gets to the studio with the artistes, they might have lost the musical connection and might be complete strangers.

In his position, Prince Kaybee is being supported by many of his fans including fellow musician Donald. What do you think of Prince Kaybee’s take on managers stepping back a bit to allow artistes interact with other creatives? You might want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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