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Prince Kaybee Entangled In A Scandal With DJ Maphorisa

It was bound to happen at some point, no one was sure when but everyone who knows DJ Maphorisa and Prince Kaybee has been anticipating the day they re-ignite their beef again.

This morning, DJ Maphorisa started with a simple Tweet, trying to find out how Prince Kaybee’s Project Hope was.

Prince Kaybee said “My problem with Princess he doesn’t want to give Credit to the Kids. We need grow them n make them feel special, especially when u take something from them the reason why i have a strong team, I make sure we win together n credit them well. Fuck my english aslong u get my point”

Maphorisa however, wasn’t really impressed by Prince Kaybee and his treatment of artists who work on his songs, he then proceeded to compliment, or in his own special way, shade Prince Kaybee for finally joining the Amapiano craze.

This came as a surprise to many, especially after the comments that Prince Kaybee made about Ampaiano back in June.

“Imagine an album that has the same beat through out, literally every song sounds the same. Try making an album over a longer period of time to avoid sounding the same, the mind needs to rest for new ideas.”

His comments came after Kabza De Small released his Amapiano music and Maphorisa quickly assumed he was dragging his buddy Kabza.

“Listen I am proud of the #ProjectHope ladies bagged their first gig, the album is not even out yet. Babies are performing at the Arts Alive Fest TODAY. Please help me congratulate them. It seems Prince Kaybee isn’t exploiting his artists, as Maphorisa alleges they are thriving.

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