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Rachel Reloaded Shakes Up Hip Hop Music Industry

Johannesburg-based hip-hop sensation Rachel Reloaded is amongst the latest to become one of South Africa’s female rappers to release a 11-track album titled Mercy, which then dropped a hot single popularly known “Bad Thing”, which dropped this yearand currently playlisting in various radio stations across South Africa.

Rachel Reloaded brings new sound with different style into the Hip Hop music industry, most especially as a female rapper making waves in theindustry.

She believes her single “Bad Thing” entices women in general to always remind themselves how beautiful and powerful they are.

Rachel Reloaded believes female rappers deserve the equal amount of recognition as their male counterparts in the industry.

“Having seen that the hip-hop industry is male dominant, I would love for us female rappers to be acknowledged and respected throughout our countries and beyond and treated same as male rappers.

I also wish to see a change in control, in terms of writing our own songs and choosing our own wardrobes and all.”, says Rachel Reloaded.

The Ga Molepo (Limpopo) rapper believes  that now is time aithentic African sounds are embraced, which according to her is that something missing in the music scene.

The rapper has her eyes fixed on the big crown of being the new African Hip Hop wave African.

“We’re all different and unique in our on ways as women in the hip-hop industry.

We all have different stories to share with the world and we need to stop with the comparing that leads to copy and pasted artists and be embraced in our own unique ways.”, Rachel Reloaded as she concludes.

Rachel Reloaded has also dropped a music video, which is currently on the biggest music channels including MTV Base and Channel O, with playlisting on the rest of the channels soon.

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