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Rami Chuene’s 1652 reasons why she hates the outfit

Rami didn’t even want to entertain it, she made sure her feelings were understood and didn’t mince her words about it after a Tweep fell in love with a cute Boere baby outfit and continue to name it ‘nunus’.

Rami Chuene pointed to the 1652 number as the number of reasons why she despised the outfit and those who know the history of South Africa will know that on that date the first white settlers arrived in South Africa. The adorable baby outfit is a regalia commonly worn by BoRami Chuene’s 1656 reasons why she hates the outfit ere, Afrikaans for farmers, and has become a sign of the country’s future. Although agreeing with her that they would also not dare put on the dress, many of her fans understood the joke and connection.

Rami Chuene has never been shy about expressing her thoughts, whether or not her audience approves, TGOM is always going to speak her mind. It could have been the same energy that got her axed by Queen Mzansi. She may have been anxious to share her opinions and sub-tweet the Fergusons, but the truth and facts will always come to her first. She does not fear or favour gender-based violence, the Police Minister, the President or the toxic entertainment industry.

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