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Rami Shares Her Encounter With A Metro Police Officer

Rami Chuene has shared a rather bizarre experience she had with a Metro Police officer who stopped her on the road as she was driving home.

The police officer requested that the Isono actress unblocks her on Twitter.

“Got stopped by metro police on my way home a little while ago. One of them said he didn’t want anything from me except for me to unblock him on Twitter. I hardly block people. My reasons aren’t that many. You get blocked if you’re racist, homophobic, sexist, support GBV, downright disrespectful especially to women and a cyber bully. I believe we can all have opinions without being mean to each other. So I wonder what he did,” she said.

Got stopped by metro police on my way home a little while ago.

Rami Chuene is known for being outspoken and never keeps her opinion to herself.

According to Sunday World, all details pertaining to Rami’s character being chopped emerged when they were given their scripts- that is when Rami found out that her character would be pulled off.

Rami supported Vatiswa by pinning a thread on Twitter detailing challenges thespians endure in the industry under the hashtag #SHOWMUSTGOON – a thread she had written months prior.

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