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Dlamini family restoration comes with Ts and Cs on Durban Gen

It couldn’t be that easy, it had to be much harder…tough times for Dlamini’s

After a hectic week of broken ties in the Dlamini family and broken promises from L’vovo to his feisty Sne, this week is nothing short of drama and awkward moments on etv’s Durban Gen. The Dlamini’s continue to fight for the dark cloud to be lifted while Mbali learns that silence speaks in high volumes in a broken marriage and Bab’Gumede’s health seems to take a turn for the worst.

Week’s teasers

Durban Gen S1 EP 221 TX MONDAY 09 AUGUST 2021

The Dlamini’s go through a long and hard drive as they seek salvation and the cleansing of evil spirits.

 Durban Gen S1 EP 222 TX TUESDAY 10 AUGUST 2021

Calvin does not seem too bothered when his father’s health seems to take a turn for the worst and the Dlamini’s see a speck of light as they undergo the cleansing ceremony

Durban Gen S1 EP 223 TX WEDNESDAY 11 AUGUST 2021

Thabo and Precious seem to be working things out while Mbali experiences silent treatment in her marriage.

Durban Gen S1 EP 224 TX THURSDAY 12 AUGUST 2021

Lindelani plays a third party and interferes while Mbali tries to work on her marriage with Sbu and Bab’Gumede does not seem to get any better healthwise.

Durban Gen S1 EP 225 TX FRIDAY 13 AUGUST 2021

The nurses at Durban Gen try to open Calvin’s eyes about his father’s sickness, but Calvin is hearing none of it.

Durban Gen airs every Mon-Fri on etv at 18:30

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