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Rhodes Announces 2022 Postgraduate Media Application Process

The Postgraduate Diploma in Media Management (PGDip in Media Management) is an intensive, programme accredited at the honours degree level (NQF Level 8) by South Africa’s Qualifications Authority (SAQA). The programme is offered annually by the Sol Plaatje Institute (SPI) for Media Leadership at Rhodes University.
The course is the only formal qualification in media management in Africa and the developing world, having been launched in 2004. It provides an insider view of how successful and sustainable media organisations operate in rapidly changing and discontinuous contexts that mark our media landscape today.

The programme develops the strategic knowledge, understandings and work competencies that media managers and leaders need to apply to run media organisations in the public, commercial and community sectors sustainably and ethically in the ‘age of participatory and transient journalism’.

It focuses on the management of people, media markets and media audiences, the role and place of digital and social media technologies in the multi-platform media industry and what all of these mean not just to the industry but to our globalising world. 2 2.

The programme focuses on outcomes-based learning and fast-tracks graduates into mid-level media management positions by giving them an edge in terms of their work competencies and applied knowledge of the media industry in Africa and internationally.

The full-time and distance courses run in tandem. The entrance requirement for the PGDip in Media Management is an undergraduate degree in any discipline. However, for the distance course, consideration will be given to admitting some students based on the recognition of their prior learning and other conditions to encourage greater access by previously disadvantaged students.

Prospective students are encouraged to apply by visiting the Rhodes University Postgraduate portal at

For further information: Please check details on the SPI website ( at. Alternatively, email Sibo Mbengashe, the administrative coordinator of the course, at

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