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Rich Businesswomen Pays Lobola For Openly Lesbian Actress

After having popped the question in one of Mzansi’s most romantic marriage proposals, actress Letoya Makhene’s fiancée Lebo Keswa is putting everything together to honour African traditions and make Letoya her wife, and she’s shared the journey.

For Lebo, who recently put a ring on Letoya’s finger, getting approval from Letoya’s father and then approaching her own uncle to help with the lobola negotiations were a few of her top moves.

She shared on Instagram how these two vital moves went, starting with her beloved uncle whom she admitted interrogated the hell out of her!

“This is my uncle and he’s one of two remaining eldest uncles we have in the family. On this day I had asked him for a meeting and told him I want to get married. I have never been this interrogated in my life. My uncle is a retired teacher and one of the sharpest men I know. Just imagine me trying to explain to him that I want to marry another woman,” she said.

Lebo said her uncle had gone through the trouble of educating himself about sexuality and the choices Lebo had made in her life, and embraced her and her choices.

“He learnt a lot about sexuality and my choices in life. He said he’s only ever seen these things on TV but now it was very close to home and he embraces it. He’s a very loving and understanding man, so the meeting went very well,” Lebo said.

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