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Ricky Rick Wants To Feature Makhadzi On His Upcoming Album

Makhadzi has caught the attention of South Africans with her unique style of music.

Now, the artist has gotten the attention of hip hop artist Riky Rick.

The hip hop artist is hoping to have Makhadzi on his album.

“My album will never be complete without a Makhadzi feature somebody tell her I’m coming for her please,” says Riky Rick.

Social media reacts to the artist wanting the feature for his album.

One social media user says Makhadzi already knows about the feature request.

One social media user says, “Someone tell my queen Makhadzi that Ricky is coming for herLimpopo Venda on the Map and South Africa as the whole.” One social media user says, “On her high energetic and humble self would really love that! I wanna witness it!!” One user says, “Hope there is a track where [you] hit us with a Venda Verse”.

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