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Scylash – A Kwaito Cop With Focus

The Kwaito start Lucky Matome, better known as Scylash is one the black-ships in both music industry and in law enforcement. A policeman of 11 years and a musician since 1999. Matome was nominated twice for Mzansi Kwaito and House Music Awards.

When he first introduced his musical talent it was through a group called Jalumzi. During that time, together with his group, he was promoted by Z1 productions. “We worked closely with Chiskop, Alaska and News school because we were promoted by one company,” said Matome.

With Jalumsi, they released an album called Nambad when he was still doing grade 11. Which they got publicity and made their first TV debut on the SABC show ‘Ezimtoti’ when it was still presented by Caroline Fassie and Arthur. Also got recognition on the breakfast show, ‘The Toasty Show’. Along with Jalimsi, he shared stage with the likes of DJ Fresh, DJ Cleo, and Rude Boy Paul.

Because music is something Matome is passionate about, he found himself rebooting it after he took a break from 2005 till 2009 to focus on his studies. After he came back, it didn’t take time for him to impress the right people and to blend in back in the music industry.

“After coming back to music, we created another group called CKG and recorded an EP. Then that is when the studio owner decided that I needed to do a solo project because I think he saw a potential in me. I was mentored by DJ Cleo and people who made me is base to base studio ran by Ivo Dos Ramos,” said Matome.

When he started working alone, he decided to call himself Scylash and released a few songs named ‘Let it drop’ and ‘makaper’. Recently he released a few songs named ‘Nxolele’ which is doing well on TV and ‘Lenyora’ which is doing well on radio.

Matome wanted to be independent, then started his own record label ‘Scylash Entertainment’. He mentioned to have signed a few people on his label. “I have signed a group called Masoja they used to be dancers for Jakarumba and Spikiri. Also signed a DJ called Midnyt. I have just spotted a very good young boy from Kagiso in the West Rand called Malume monate.

Not forgetting that he is also a constable has been awarded the Man of the Year awards in the district and province and the first runner-up at national level. He goes by being a musician at night and a constable during the day. “It is difficult sometimes cos one has to remain professional at all times and sometimes when u are at a gig and u see things happening your policing instinct kicks in but I’ve learned basics of time management,” he stated.

Matome takes benefit of doing both careers as a call to inspire both my colleagues and supporters. He has mentioned to come across things that trigger his policing instinct when attending a gig, but all he could do sometimes is just to educate and not arrest.

“Hustling and working hard is what keeps me going even when I see or feel that something is impossible to do. I apply a quote that says ‘it seems impossible to do until it’s done’. I want people to know that for us to make it, we need all their support in a form of downloads, streams and bookings,” he said.

Talking about hustling, he is a resident at Ukhozi FM. Every Saturdays he joins Zeal Dlala at her show ‘Fakumoya’. “Again, thank you HoneyBadger clothing apparel and Base2Base recording studios for taking care of me,” he concluded.


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