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Secret Revel Ceremony on Durban Gen

The day of Thabo and Precious Dlamini vow renewal is finally here, on Durban Gen. It is airing tonight on Etv.

In the presence of family and friends, the day is expected to be the perfect day. But seeing as there is a secret that can turn this day into a nightmare.

“Thabo and Precious renew their vows in the presence of a  ‘friend’ who makes things very awkward for everyone. As you are aware, Thabo and Precious have been going through the most and now they have tried to put it all behind them through a vow renewal in the presence of friends and family and their baby, Mvelu. But all isn’t as it seems as Zandile who arrives as the Devil in a red dress, comes guns blazing to ruin what could have been a beautiful ceremony,” stated Thabile Mokone the PR and marketing assistant.

This is an episode you do not want to miss. Stay tuned.

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