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Shimza Announce His Plans To Unsettle Minister Nathi Mthethwa

Shimza took to Twitter to say that the minister had not done enough to help South African artists during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In a Twitter thread, Shimza said the proposal was for artists to be able to continue performing by televising their events.

The DJ said there was no response, citing it as a possible reason artists were still hosting super-spreader events.

The musician said artists were being overlooked because the arts weren’t being taken seriously.

“This would potentially cut down on gatherings, but at the same time would not take from the artist’s income because we also need to work. Many might think entertainment is just games, but many lives are suffering and are not being recognised, ra zama but we need assistance. Ra kopa” tweeted Shimza.

SHIMZA December 14, 2020 This would potentially cut down on gatherings but at the same time not take from the artists income because we also need to work.

Simphiwe took to Twitter on Sunday to call out the minister after she revealed that, thanks to a few recent gigs, she was finally able to pay her bills, without help from the minister and his department.

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