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Somizi opens up about depression

Media personality Somizi has opened up to his fans about being diagnosed with depression and his journey to healing in a candid Instagram TV video.

In the video posted on Wednesday, Somizi revealed that he was suffering from depression and told followers that while he was doing well and had been making progress in dealing with the mental illness, some days were hard for him.

“I was diagnosed with depression last year, early last year around Jan and I’ve been dealing with it. I don’t believe it completely goes away but I believe you can improve, you can work on being better and being positive.”

Somizi shared that lately he’s been struggling with depression’s cousin, anxiety.

“Lately I’ve been suffering from a very intense amount of anxiety and I didn’t know that anxiety could be a disorder.”

“I suffer from being constantly anxious. Being scared of something I don’t know. Also being scared of what might go wrong, because at the moment my things are going mostly well. My career is going so well, my marriage is going well, my family is good and I am good but I always have this anxiety guys. It is such a joy stealer,” Somizi said.

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