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Somizi Reveals Queer Community Challenges

Somizi has addressed racism and classism in the LGBTQIA+ community.

Taking to social media this week, the star first posted a video of a TikTok content creator speaking about racism.

He then posted his own video where he addressed the issues.

With June being Pride Month, Somizi asked why Pride marches only happened in the suburbs.

“I have always had an issue with Joburg Pride and Cape Town Pride because I find them not to be inclusive at all.”

“From the outside, it looks inclusive because everybody is represented but deep down there isn’t inclusivity.”

“You look at the committees that run Pride, the locations that host the march are where it will be suitable for white queer people to be comfortable,” said Somizi.

He went on to say that he has never heard of an inclusive Pride march that has taken place in ‘the hood’.

He then asked what was the point of having a march when it does not benefit the majority of queer people.

“We need to have full representation in the decision-making. It’s not only white queers that can think of great ideas,” he said.

The Idols SA star then went on to address classism in the black queer community.

“There are gay men who feel that other gay men from the hood are low-class, cheap and uneducated. Those men think they are better than others.”

Watch the view here

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