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Sonia Mbele Ventures Into Water Business

Thousands have lived without love, not one without water. The legendary Sonia Mbele has ventured into a new business of water that will not only have health benefits but also help people to earn from the business.

Alkamax is an exclusive water branding and bottling company that aims to empower and improve the African Child’s life.

“Due to the increase of Job losses/ unemployment, the consistent water crises we face in Africa. Alkamax came up with a solution to provide supercharged quality water at affordable prices.

Therefore, assisting in changing the economic solution and allowing anyone and everyone to create an extra income”, says Sonia Mbele.

Alkamax has the following benefits; Alkaline ionized water, contains antioxidants, better hydration, detoxification, increased vitality and energy, helps with acid reflux, helps with constipation, helps with better sleep, helps with a hangover and lastly, it is 99.9% pure.

“As the CEO of the company I’m responsible for the whole chain of information so anyone that follows me on social media will learn more about the water. I’ll be posting as much information as possible.

We also have a website , we’ll also be reachable on IG (@alkamaxsuperchargedwatersa) Twitter (@Alkamaxwater) and Facebook (Alkamaxwatersa). Most importantly:

We’re establishing distribution and collection centers in all 9 provinces and people can contact our distribution managers, info will be provided on all our social platforms.” says Mbele

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