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Soweto Theatre Hosts The ‘Solo and Duets Festival’

This week, Soweto Theatre is hosting the “Solo’s and Duets Festival”, which showcases the artistic work of young and independent producers while delivering thought-provoking performances, at the same time.

The festival kicks off on Thursday, October 22, and runs until Saturday, October 24.

The festival, which features the work of five carefully selected producers with a grand opening night of “Last Cow Standing” on Thursday at 8pm. “Last Cow Standing” is a fantasy piece that tells the story of a kingdom in turmoil.

“Betewu,” a solo performance that explores the mental dangers and psychological stresses that men go through while being told not to cry when they are hurt, plays on Friday, October 23.

“Scuttling Skin”, a production piece that utilises poetry to add to the story as the audience get an insight into a young man’s deepest thoughts and opinions, plays on Saturday.

Another play showcasing on Saturday is “Selfie le Jeso,” written and produced by African Entertainers.

“Commenting on the event, Joburg City Theatres Artistic Director Makhaola Ndebele says:”Audiences can expect exceptional solo performer performances by young contemporary storytellers who are grappling with questions of survival and triumph, in modern-day South Africa.

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