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Summer School Leads The Way To Digital Education

Leaders in digital transformation, immedia, have announced the launch date of the annual Summer School programme.
This free one-week-long work exposure programme allows students and graduates an opportunity to gain exposure to the tech-related skills they will need to take the first step into their tech career.
The four key focus areas of Summer School 2021 are Android App Development, Web Development, Design and Cloud Infrastructure & Networking.

For the duration of the programme, learners will be faced with practical real-world scenarios to better prepare them for their future employment.

Summer School 2020 offered immedia the unique opportunity to digitise their classrooms and offer a fully interactive learning experience. This year, the majority of the modules will again be fulfilled virtually, under the guidance of a team of dedicated mentors.

At the end of the Summer School programme, learners are given the opportunity to present to their peers. This fundamental part of the programme ensures that learners are equipped with practical working skills such as presentation and communication along with the technical knowledge gained.

The business believes that it’s important to focus on the various factors that may assist learners in taking their first career step. This includes assistance with CV optimisation, interview tips, guidance on communication skills and training on workplace etiquette.

“Summer School is an opportunity for media to shape our future thought-leaders. We equip future leaders in technology with practical, real-world experience and teach them things they may never ordinarily be exposed to,” 

“At the helm of our success lies our deep-seated desire to learn and impart our knowledge on others.
We call it our ‘Learning Culture’. Summer School is the perfect platform for us to share our knowledge, and for those who are hungry to receive it: to learn. It’s our way of helping to build a better future for the youth of today.” said business administration lead, Reevana Thomas.

Since its inaugural intake in 2013, Summer School has become a highly anticipated event in the academic calendar. The programme has empowered more than 350 students, graduates and professionals from communities in KwaZulu-Natal and has gained support from many local high schools and tertiary institutions.

The virtual nature of the programme now lends itself to broadening the horizons to other provinces within the country, offering a greater opportunity to the youth of greater South Africa.

Summer School is open from 1 November 2021 to 28 February 2022 and will run in one-week cycles to offer multiple applicants the chance to be part of this exciting initiative. Spaces are limited and all applicants will be individually assessed to ensure that they are adequately fit to attend.

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