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The Mommy Club S2 is now streaming on Showmax

• The Mommy Club S2 is now streaming first and only on Showmax
• Cast includes Hermajesty, Jabulile Sande, Mrs Mops, Nozipho Ntshangase, Nunurai and Ratile Mabitsela
• New episodes every Monday 
• Mrs Mops gives us the tea 
Welcome to The Mommy Club!
Showmax just dropped the jam-packed first episode of the second season of The Mommy Club. From Mrs Mops promising to be more open to Nunurai saying that she is more mature to Ms Manche making an appearance after being a no-show at the reunion, it’s evident that we’re in for a season filled with shade, drama, opulence and all things motherhood.
The first episode delved into the relationship between Ratile and her former helper Barbra. In the first episode, Babra visits Hermajesty’s helper Shalom and speaks about the state of her relationship with her former boss Ratile. We also hear from Mrs Mops and her helper Mantshi, who addressed the rumours about her that have been circulating online. We also saw Ratile and Nunurai in their homes, and last but not least, we got our first glimpses of newcomers Jabulile Sande and Nozipho Nthangase, who introduced us to their families and helpers.
As the new season starts, here’s what Mrs Mops had to say about her reality television journey:
What made you decide to come back for Season 2?
I decided to come back for Season 2 because I believe in finishing what you start. A big part of me wanted to clear the air with some of the other mommies and mend broken relationships. Another reason I wanted to come back was to show audiences a project I have been working on for so many years: my new skin care line Nala Reign.
What is the biggest lesson you learned in Season 1?
I learned that you should never get involved in other people’s drama. They can sort it out themselves. And also, if you make a mistake, just own it and move on from it.
What advice do you have for the new ladies?
My advice for the new ladies is simple: just be yourself at all times. Do not come in thinking that you know; be open to learning and just have fun.
How has your relationship with Mantshi changed since the first season?
My relationship with Mantshi has gotten stronger; she is an amazing nanny and I absolutely adore her. Even though I enjoy having her looking after my kids, we are now in the process of empowering her to do other things in her career so she can expand her experience beyond being a nanny.
Why should people watch?
People should watch because there’s growth amongst the ladies, and there is still going to be drama and fun moments. The children on the show have also progressed and it’s beautiful to see.
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