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The People vs Savanna Premium Cider in #CancelCourt – you won’t believe what happens next…

ByStaff Reporter

Feb 10, 2022

Savanna fans have recently found it harder to get their hands on their favourite, premium, crisp and dry cider brand due to a global supply chain crisis compounded by shipping delays. The enormous love and support from South Africans resulted in a situation where the brand doubled in size in the last twelve months, creating significant pressure on demand and supply. Savanna continued to work around the clock to produce and supply millions of litres of the iconic cider to customers and consumers each week, but some fans still noticed their brand selling out fast and missing from fridges and shelves.

Savanna have always said: ‘Siyavanna South Africa, Ska wara, we’re working hard not to let you go dry!’ and true to their word; they are back bringing fans a sophisticated 300ml limited edition can of Savanna Dry while having a laugh at their own expense.

“Our loyal fans shot their shots at us on social media, and so we are introducing the ‘Trial of Savanna Dry, the case of the people vs Savanna Premium Cider’ as a direct response to our fans’ outcry for their Savanna. This is a new Siyavanna, and not just saying: ‘we get you’, it also means: ‘we are listening, and we hear you”, says Eugene Lenford, Marketing Manager at Savanna. “Fans are thirsty for their favourite cider and have been considering all options except cancelling Savanna and are just standing up for their rights #FreeSavanna.”

During the court proceedings https://youtu.be/Y4MfWhSwfJY, Savanna is brutally honest and owns up to the (very) public product supply chain challenges and glass constraints that they have been facing during 2021 admitting:

“We never meant to let you down. And we’re doing everything we can to fix it…”

These are still just words and doesn’t quite settle the problem or offer a solution to the court of public opinion. Only Exhibit A can put this horror-scope to rest – not just promises but an actual new Savanna Slender Limited Edition 300ml Can, available in the fan favourite Savanna Dry. It’s 100% the same crisp, dry taste you love, just in a can. Available – right now!

“We consider the case of the people vs Savanna Premium Cider canned from the court. While long term solutions take some time, we are working steadily to get the limited edition can to market without any delay. To also further showcase our unwavering support of South Aaaaah’s Comedy Industry, 20c from every 300ml can sold will go towards sipporting this beloved comedy industry and comedians across SA”, added Lenford.

The introduction of the limited edition 300ml can showcases a sincere #SavannApology – because they would rather be canned than cancelled.

Introducing the new Savanna Dry Limited Edition 300ml Can at 6% ABV and priced at R94.95 – for a 6 pack at your local liquor outlet in February 2022.

It’s dry but you can drink it.

#SavannaTrial #SiyavannaSouthAfrica #StaySafe

Savanna promotes responsible drinking. Not for persons under 18.

For more information, follow Savanna’s social media channels or go to www.savannacider.com

Instagram: @savannacider

Facebook: @SavannaCider

Twitter: @SavannaCider

YouTube: SavannaCider

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