The true meaning of African music

Sollo Maphelela better known as DJ Cry released a new single ‘Africa Unite’. The single is released under Holy Gun Record. He featured Thokozani Langa, maskandi musician.
‘Africa Unite’ speaks to the African people about loving, accepting, helping each other and doing the right thing amongst each other. It is the idea of Ubuntu.
“I’m trying to unite Africa as a whole, as there has been a lot of discrimination amongst different countries for example Zimbabwe. The African people are not united and working together, so that is why I came up with the song Unite Africa”, said DJ Cry.
The song is just promoting unity amongst Africas. “We have to address others as brothers and sisters, as Africans we don’t have to discriminate anyone”, he comments.
The song is a beautiful blend of upbeat tribal sound with amapiano genre not forgetting the strong deep house influence in it. The blend of the different genres of music came about as an idea of how the song needs to be tribal as well as how the amapiano is trending as well as the great sound of deep house. He believes that the mix of these beats is great for this song as it delivers the messages that he’s trying to put out there.
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