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Trevor Noah Speaks Up About West African Issues

The Daily Show host and comedian Trevor Noah has added his voice to the collective of people calling for Nigeria to #EndSars and expressed his sympathy for the people of the West African nation.

The US-based comedian joined many national and international celebrities such as Beyoncé to lend his influential voice to the movement and increase awareness of what is happening in Nigeria as civilians continue to stand up against the injustices happening in their country.

“What our Nigerian brothers and sisters are going through is painful and all too familiar. For most of my life growing up in SA I believed in everything the police did and everything they said but one day many of us learnt that many of the things we believed were lies. Today the people of Nigeria are exposing and standing up to their government’s lies.”

Trevor urged everybody to support the movement and help free Nigeria from corruption.

“We should all support #EndSARS and the movement for a Nigeria free from corruption!”.

Media personality Masechaba Ndlovu chose to shine a light on the situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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