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Trouble In Paradise For Fans With Shekhinah’s New Album

Shekhinah’s new album ‘Trouble in paradise’ has fans all in their feelings. The vocalist and songwriter really took this album to another level in the way that she was able to narrate her story to be heard.

Trouble in paradise is about the highs and lows experienced when loving someone. What one goes through in a relationship. The album consists of 12 tracks that take us through a whole lot of emotions, love, heartbreak, loss, and acceptance. Each song has its own message that fans will get to relate to.

Just like how everyone has their own favourite song, so does the Pop/R&B vocalists. The last track ‘Beautiful’ is Shekhinah’s favourite song on the album. This is where she accepts and appreciates herself and her beauty. The intro of the song reminds us that we are enough the way that we are.

“When I daydream, I’m in a field of daisies. I made peace, loving the way God made me. Loving the way God made me.” Intro of the song ‘Beautiful’.

Fans could not stop praising the incredible album and showing their love on social platforms.

The album is now out on all platforms today. Do not let it pass you by, you do not want to miss out.

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