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TV Star Fired For Taking Time Off After Rape Ordeal

Former Tv presenter EntleD trended a few years ago following a heartbreaking incident where a man raped her after sneaking into her apartment.

While that incident alone was enough to scar her for life, she was fired from the job she was working at, at the time by her female bosses as a result of that. At the time she was the marketing manager working for their television network and she wanted a break to deal with the after effects and heal.

“I was hurt. I asked for a time out which took longer than I had anticipated. I even had my counselor give them a call and explain the situation. They accepted that I needed a time out because I heard I was suffering from a delayed reaction. I was so traumatized that I began seeing the guy everywhere. He wasn’t really there obviously I almost crashed my car because I saw him in my rear-view mirror, in the car next to me, in the lift, everywhere…” she said.

Instead of giving her the space and time to deal with the trauma, they used it against her. To her credit EntleD is not bitter about the experience because she managed to find God through it all.

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