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Twitter Get On Anele’s Beef With Kelly Rowland

Anele Mdoda, has indeed been pushed into the spotlight after Kelly Rowland shared her pregnancy reported, and tweeps are having a field day with it!

Kelly Rowland stunned fans with an abrupt declaration, uncovering that she is very much into her subsequent pregnancy.

While the vast majority don’t see the connection between’s the two, the Twitter roads were humming as tweeps constrained Anele to remark on Kelly’s news.

Many encouraged Anele to give a snarky remark on her course of events since she has become very much aware that each time Kelly drifts does as well her. This time, Anele has stayed calm, deciding to disregard the superfluous remarks, anyway that hasn’t prevented her adherents from thinking of their own situations.

One of Kelly’s fans remarked on her declaration post with, “Do we have to call Anele on this one too?”, to which another person included, “Yes since Kelly is going to bring forth another wonderful brown complexion infant that Anele said is(like the mother) terrible.”

Anele then said something regarding this sentiment saying: ” Kelly looks astonishing with cosmetics.

In August 2020, Anele shared a WhatsApp screengrab of a discussion, where an individual said “If just Kelly Rowland “fans” were as fixated on her as much as they’re fixated on you neh”.

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