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Twizza Boss Set His Sights To Enoch Mgijima Mayoral Chain

A prominent businessman in Komani, Ken Clark who is a founder of Twizza Soft Drinks is running to be a mayor of Enoch Mgijima Municipality.

Clark said the municipality has failed and he can no longer fight its issues as an outsider.
He said the services have collapsed and the municipality can’t keep the lights on as it owes Eskom R600-million.
 “I cannot move my businesses from here because of dysfunctional municipal services. When you have built a factory you kinda nailed yourself to the ground. It’s easier to change the municipality than to relocate the business.” he said
He lambasted Enoch Mgijima Municipality for its poor financial prioritisation after it had used R15-Million for a piece of ground which it claimed it’s a stadium.
“The level of prioritisation is nowhere to be found. It is shocking how the municipality cannot find R35-million to upgrade its transformers and replace some of its electric cables which is more critical to stabilizing electricity supply for the businesses in town but is able to find R22-Million for a piece of ground.” Cark said
He said they are lucky that where the Twizza and other factories are located they use power directly from Eskom but said the electricity crisis in town affects lots of businesses.
Clark said he has taken Enoch Mgijima Municipality to court on several issues through the community organisation, Komani Residents Association.
“There are weaknesses in trying to hold the municipality to account using court orders. They have not implemented some of the court orders and there were no consequences,” said Clark. 
He and several members of KORA are contesting as independent candidates but they have registered as section 15 organisations in order to gain proportional representation votes.
They have the backing of the former DA leader Mmusi Maimane, who has been advocating for communities to vote for independent candidates.
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