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Tzaneen Youth Directs Government How To Spend The IMF Funding

Youth owned businesses, inclusive economic participation for women, job creation for all more especially the unskilled is what we want the R65 billion International Monetary Fund (IMF) Special Drawing Rights to be used for.

That’s the dominant view among young Tzaneen citizens, as they were reflecting on the recent IMF Covid 19 Covid-19 emergency is meant to address the long-term global need for reserves, build confidence and foster resilience and South African economic stability.

In an exclusive interview with JHR who lost her job because Covid 19 enforced lockdowns said all South Africans must demand their access to state funds spending constitutional rights.

“As a 31-year-old unemployed single mother of two who deserves to benefit from that funding, I think demanding transparent spending is the only way to avoid a repeat of the misappropriation that happened with the first R500 000 billion Covid 19 intended funds. By the way, demanding clean governance spending is our constitutional entrenched right and obligation to our beloved country,’’ said Ratlou

Limpopo born young serial technology entrepreneur, Neo Gwangwa pleaded with treasury to consider investing the bulk of that money to progressive entrepreneurship projects that drive the economy through revenue and employment.

‘’Despite my groundbreaking mobile app that links job seekers, businesses, potential employers and service providers, funding and access to the market are some of the biggest challenges I am facing as an entrepreneur.

It is about time that our government is told what they already know and that is, investing in entrepreneurship programs is one of the best long time solutions for many South African social issues. Therefore a portion of that funding has to be allocated to youth entrepreneurship projects.’’ said Gwangwa

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On the other hand, the Right 2 Know Campaign (R2K) also committed to exposing any potential ‘gross human rights violations that might lead to undeserving organizations unduly benefiting from the R65 billion International Monetary Fund (IMF) Special Drawing Rights.

R2K spokesperson, Busi Mtabane welcomed the investment but also call for transparency or the right for citizens to know where and how will this Covid 19 intended investment will be used.

Treasury and Finance Department IMF Funding Power and Control

Treasury and Finance Department are the only trusted custodians of the R65 billion International Monetary Fund (IMF) Special Drawing Rights. In their care lies the power to ignite life recovery dreams and aspirations for Tzaneen youth and every South African citizen.

All our attempts to get a comment from Treasury and Finance Department were not successful.

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